We're a small-batch, specialty coffee roasting company, in Ambler since 2015.  Check out our introductory video here.

Before I founded Parry Coffee Roasters, I worked for over a decade in the specialty-coffee industry. My job title changed a few times, but the focus of my job rarely did.

Whether hand-roasting on a single machine or working as a part of a team tasked with installing and refining the roasting process at several plants, my work focused around a single goal: to create the best coffee possible. In this time, I learned a lot about the finer points of coffee roasting and production, plus a few things about the coffee business, but the most important thing I learned is that everyone who’s “into” coffee deserves to have it freshly roasted (Amen!).

After my family and I moved to Ambler, I realized that there was room for a local specialty-coffee roaster, so I decided to start Parry Coffee Roasters.

Our goal here is simply to make great coffee. My job is to find the best beans, roast them well so their flavor is best expressed, and deliver them fresh. The final factor of the equation is you, the coffee drinker, because, ultimately, great coffee is about finding what YOU like.

So please take a look around our site, and order whatever coffee sounds good to you (the Ambler Local is a great entrée into what we offer). If you’re nearby, stop by to chat during our visiting hours. I’ll be here working—tweaking our roasting plans and cupping samples—to draw the most flavor out of the best beans we can find.


Roaster and President




About the Logo

About the time my family and I moved back to this area, we began reconnecting with our Welsh heritage, so when we started our family business, it seemed only fitting to incorporate that heritage into our logo. Our idea was to create a sort-of coffee coat of arms that included a Welsh dragon to go along with something to represent the coffee.

We were fortunate enough to already know just the right person for the job, designer Lisa Anderson. She developed the shield, the flame, and the pattern of coffee beans. She tied it all together with a stylized font based on ancient Welsh lettering.

We were delighted with what Lisa came up with. Such a simple, yet elegant representation of what we're about here at Parry Coffee Roasters was exactly what we were looking for. And we loved the color so much that we painted the front door and exposed beams of our plant to match.