Prepping for Pike Fest!

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One last reminder! We won't be open at the plant tomorrow, Saturday, September 17th but we will be hopping all we want for $5 (at the bouncy house!), plus serving hot and cold brew coffee at Pike Fest from 10-3pm. We will also have 1 lb bags of whole bean coffee for sale at the fest. (

Over the last few weeks, we've had quite a flurry of folks asking where they can buy our coffee for home use in town. So, I made up a little Ambler area insider's buying guide for ya!

Pie and Plate Cafe has 1 lb bags of their very own Pie & Plate Cafe Blend (wholebean only, regular & DECAF) for sale.

Costa Deli is now stocking an assortment of our coffees, 12 oz bags, some ground and some whole bean. Current offerings includes Kenya, Costa Rica, Sumatra & Decaf Sumatra. The coffee drop will be weekly on Friday, so you should always find bags that are less than a week old.

Flourtown Farmer's Market has our Ambler Local Blend, Bromo Espresso & French Roast available in bulk bins. They can scoop what you need and grind for you. They also serve up some nice brewed coffee and espresso drinks on the days they're open for business (Thu 8-6pm, Fri 8-7pm & Sat 8-5pm).

George's Market at Dreshertown is stocking 4 varieties of our coffee on the shelf. They have an in-house grinder available for customers right in the coffee isle.

Chava Juice Bar dropped back to cold brew for their lovely smoothies for the summer, but will be back in the hot brew swing of things soon enough. They will also be stocking a selection of bags of whole bean coffee and have a grinder available for customer use in the store. This week they have: Ethiopian Blend, Bromo Espresso & a very nice single-origin Sumatra.

I will try to keep you all updated as things change, but please feel free to order through the website for local delivery anytime!

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